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Jeju Suhyup 광어회

Jeju Suhyup 광어회

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_배송 공지 사항_

-월요일,화요일,수요일 배송 지역-

Central Region : TX, IL, GA Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta , etc.

 -월요일 ,화요일 배송지역-

Western Region : WA, OR, CA, NV

( Seattle, Takoma, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas etc.)

Eastern Region : NY, NJ, MA, VA, MD, PA ,etc.

Southern Region : FL,etc.

 Free Shipping on orders over $150 

Orders over $99 plus a free cooler bag

Shipping Period : 2 day -3day(48 hrs-72 hrs) Shipping 

Shipping  Day : Monday, Tuesday ,Wednesday(Order before 1pm)

Well packed with Gel ice pack + ice box

When shipping frozen products Packed with ice pouches.

When the product arrives at the customer,The product arrives in a cold temperature condition.(not frozen)
Products cannot be returned or reshipped because they are not frozen.

Product Profile:  227g / 0.5lb / Raw Eel seasoned only

Origin of the Eel: EU or Northern Africa countries

Eel meat has a very firm texture, high fat content and full, distinctive flavor.

Frozen Jeju Suhyup olive flounder Fillet

1-olive flounder Fillet /Approx 200g

 From Jeju Island will be arrived in the U.S. within 1 or 2 days after freezing live 광어. So it is suitable for eating sashimi & Sushi.
Effective in preventing aging due to its antioxidant and antihypertensive action, is high in protein, low in fat, and low in calories.
It is effective for dieting due to its low heat content, and it is rich in vitamin D, which improves the growth and development of children.
It is a premium well-being nutritional food that is essential for growth to help activate cells

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